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All Access: Med School Admissions

Oct 25, 2019

This episode finally gets us to a medical school out West, in particular, the Pacific Northwest with Dr. Leila Harrison, the Interim Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Admissions, and Recruitment.  She has an extensive background in admissions and education which really comes through in our conversation.  WSU Elson S. Floyd is a relatively new medical school (2015) which is exciting to hear how they have created a unique mission-based and community-based medical school as the second allopathic medical school in the State of Washington.  We conclude our conversation discussing how Holistic Review works in Admissions.

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Washington State University Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

Class Demographics and Statistics

What are OSCEs? 

Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships (LIC) - link to the CLIC Consortium for more information.

WSU ESF Applicant Eligibility Requirements (see Requirements to Receive a Secondary Application section)

WSU ESF Applicant MCAT/GPA combinations to receive a secondary applications (see Academic Requirements section)

WSU ESF - What are we looking for?  (see Holistic Review section)

Who is the LCME? 

Holistic Review Explained

AAMC Minority Student Medical Career Fair, Phoenix, AZ, 11/9/19

Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2020 - 10/23/2019

Dr. Harrison's Recommendations

Carol Dweck and Growth Mindset

Topics in:

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Management

Impostor Syndrome

Wellness & Coping with Stress (a nice resource found on Purdue University's website)